Here are some lovely rooms that inspire me and make me drool at the same time.

I think it’s safe to say that I like a splash of color!



I desire a space on the web that reflects my aesthetic tastes – a place that is clean, organized, and, well, pretty. I have something in the works and will reveal the new, beautified space in a few weeks. Yes, it will mean another address change (*groan*), but it’ll be permanent because I have decided that this blogging thing (that I’ve been doing for 5 years now!) is something I really like. So I’ll be buying my own URL and will have a nice wardrobe change to show you just as soon as the design is done. Just you wait. I have lots of ideas and want to start doing more with my photography, love of food, art, television, and parenting experiences. I hope you’ll hang with me where I end up. I don’t enjoy it without you and your comments!

Since I skipped Wardrobe Wednesday last week….here is a little something I put together that I’d totally wear.

Speaking of aesthetics, I took the design style quiz in the recent Real Simple magazine that arrived in the mail because, I don’t know about you, but I have no idea how to describe my taste. Do I like modern? Some of it, but not all of it. Do I like vintage? Some of it, but not all of it. Do I like country? No. So, what do I like? Well, the quiz said I liked comfortable classic (or something like that), but the accompanying picture was boring, white and slip-covered country which is not what I like. Second place was vintage ecclectic which was much more what I’m drawn to (the rich colors anyway, but not the uncomfortable fainting couch). I give up on labeling what I like, so here’s a sampling of pictures instead. What would you call my tastes?