Apparently the Nashville news made such a raucous about the last snow “storm” that hit our fair city (which resulted in, like, a half inch of snow at best) that they are now referring to any winter forecasts as “situations” instead of catastrophes. We had orange alerts at work on Friday (no, really, we actually had the alarm system go off and announce “orange alert: inclement weather”) and got to go home at noon due to Situation 2010 which, as you read below, caused a lack of nappage in my house. Well, I was actually impressed. We got a few inches of snow. It snowed all day Friday and all night too.

Claire and I went over to play with some friends in the lovely white snow. Needless to say, it was quite the fun time.

Last night I ended up stayed the night with a friend because we did yoga and then stayed up til midnight watching Dexter and I didn’t want to drive home on icy, un-plowed, un-salted roads (and that’s why they freak out down here: they are woefully unprepared for snow and ice. I read in the news today that the city of Nashville has 30 pieces of equipment to handle 5,600 miles of roads.).  So this morning, when I was trying to leave without waking her (I have a toddler alarm clock that results in my waking up at 7a.m. no matter where I am) I got stuck in her driveway that was literally a sheet of ice. After much trial and error between her and I using shovels and (don’t laugh, it’s all she had) Epsom salt, a family walked by and helped push me out.

Safe back home, Claire and I enjoyed a snowed-in day together while Huz worked on his dissertation in the study. We made playdough and she had a blast making impressions in it with my large collection of rubber stamps.

After nap (alas, only an hour-long today), I decided to get even more crafty with her and we made some cute, hand-painted elephants on a string that I saw a few months ago over here.

The result was a fun new piece of artwork to add to her room.

It was a fun day and I have to say that I’m glad it finally snowed around here.