My two year old is so utterly dependent on routine that I am currently writing you pent up in her room waiting for her to fall asleep. No, this isn’t the norm around here and, no, I’m not happy about it. What happened is this. She should be in daycare right now, but because I live in the South and because the South freaks out at the mere thought of snow, we got let out of the office at noon today. That part makes me happy, but because I had to pick Claire up 4 hours early from daycare, her nap schedule is screwed up. Majortime. She’s been in her crib for an hour now and she won’t stop singing and jumping up and down. So I finally decided to come in here with my laptop and just sit here ignoring her until she falls asleep. So far, it’s succeeded in calming her down: she’s no longer standing and jumping; she’s lying on her back taking her socks on and off, turning to make sure I’m still here every now and then, and softly whispering to herself.

Oh, the things we parents do!

What things have you done that you said you’d never do just for some peace and quiet?