This week is all messed up, as far as cooking at home goes. Tuesday night (Huz’s night to cook) we went out to the Family Wash bar for pie and pint night ($10 for a big shepherd’s pie and a pint of beer) with 4 friends and 1 toddler. Wednesday night I had worked late and so we were all tired and scrounged for food (I had nachos – a very un-fancy food indeed). Last night I thought I had a hoop presentation ceremony (where we are presented with the hot pink hula hoops that we’ll be hooping the half marathon with), but found out at the end of the day that it isn’t until next month. So I went to the grocery store after work and grabbed some things to actually cook dinner, for the first time this week. I wanted something easy, so I tried this quick Cashew Curry from 101 Cookbooks. I modified the recipe by omitting the tofu and adding chopped chicken breast, and I served it over rice. It was good, fast, and easy (that’s what she said).