I took a sick day today, not because I’m sick, but because I was traumatized by an accident this morning. It involved my beautiful child’s face and the tile floor. Yes, it’s as painful as it sounds. I sat her on the kitchen counter, as I do a lot since she still demands to be picked “up, up!” while I’m making breakfast. She’s too heavy to carry around on my hip like the old days, so I sat her down while I went a few feet away to get ice from the freezer door. You can guess what happened. Her fleece pajamas were slick and she fell off the counter in an instant, face-planting onto the tile floor. I threw my water bottle and was there in a nano second, but it was too late. I scooped her up in my arms and was crying and wailing before she was. She instantly had a bloody nose, bloody teeth, and a bloody lip that puffed up making her mouth look crooked. We iced, hugged, wiped, and paged the pediatrician to see if a trip to the ER was needed. Thankfully, it was a doctor I know and she also is a mom. She said something similar recently happened with her 2 1/2 year old and it sounded like Claire would be okay and that she did not injure her head. We need to watch her for any loose teeth (the risk is choking on them, not losing them since they are baby teeth). She seems fine, is eating normally (even a bit of apple this afternoon), but she looks a mess with a fat lip.

It was quite scary for us all. I don’t do well with my child getting hurt – I feel too much emotion, I shake and cry.

Huz and I just watched a powerful episode of Friday Night Lights last night – one that dealt with parenting: it showed both really good ways to do it (the Taylor’s having the sex talk with Julie which was full of love, not anger) and bad ways to do it (the McCoy father pushing too hard and then getting violent with J.D. in the parking lot). I just hope I can parent the good way – the way that is loving, supportive, and accepting – and that all of these powerful emotions that caused me to take a sick day because my kid got a fat lip lead up to that kind of parenting. I think Claire is in good hands, so long as we never let her sit on the kitchen counter again!