Huz is already sick of hearing me whine this morning, so I’ll whine to you. Tennessee has got to be the most annoying state when it comes to “inclement weather” (a term I never heard until moving here). For days now we’ve been receiving emails from Vanderbilt and warnings from about how horrible it was going to be come Thursday. Oh, the terror! They predicted cold weather and, get this, 2-4 inches of snow! Oh my gawd! SNOW! Cue end of the earth sounds – gnashing of teeth and screaming. Last night on the news they were already closing schools in preparation for this god awful storm that was to hit the poor, innocent villages of TN at around 3a.m.

Guess what? I woke up, looked out the window, and saw green grass. Not a fleck of white to be seen.

And so, I have to ask: did Tennessee weather(wo)men go to Hogwarts School of Weather Prediction or are they all just high on meth?

I mean, really!

[Update: Okay, so it finally did snow a bit last night. I’d call it more of a dusting than a snowstorm, but that’s just me. The streets are icy, though, so I’ll give Nashville that much. Amazing how empty the parking lot was at work this morning! It has been cold, don’t get me wrong; it’s still only 15 degrees right now. We have a heat pump at our house which, as many times as Huz has explained it I still don’t understand, doesn’t heat the house very well. So we finally decided to get the chimney swept since we haven’t used our fireplace since we moved into the house! The guy apparently took a look a few minutes ago, saw the creosote falling off on it’s own and determined it pretty filthy. Glad we’re getting it professionally taken care of before lighting up tonight!]