It’s a new year and frustrations abound.

I started this blog to share my photos in college.

This blog became my personal diary – a space to be completely myself and to grow out of the confines of conservative Christianity into the person I decided to be.

My family now reads this blog and I’ve been told by 2 of them that this is “their only link” to me and my daughter.

I offended family members with my 5 lines about Christmas vacation (even though I was very conservative with what I said and I could have vented about a lot more).

So, not only am I obligated to continue this blog as the only link to my life and my daughter’s life (even though there is no reciprocal link to their life, thoughts or feelings), but now I am not allowed to say what I think here. I’m not allowed to use this space as my personal blog anymore, even though that’s why I started it.

Tell me. How exactly is that fair?

I’m considering deleting this blog and starting afresh with a new URL that I don’t share with anyone I know.

Happy flipping new year.