Well, kids?

3 hours after going to the local grocery store (Kroger, which I hate, especially on Sundays because they have NO FOOD on the shelves) I am finished making 16 mini chicken pot pies and I have 8 turkey burger patties in the freezer for Claire. I diced the carrots and broccoli really small hoping that she’ll actually eat them and not pick them out (but who are we kidding? she’ll totally pick them out) and made little “C” shaped vents for her name on the crust. Awww! 🙂

I’m going to skip the third recipe for now because I’m hungry and ready to take a break. I’m reading The Magician’s Assistant right now that a friend from my ex-book club loaned me, so I think putting my feet up and reading it whilst the kid naps is in order.

Yay me! I love accomplishing little goals.