Hello friends. Long time no write to you! I have made a few New Year’s resolutions, namely quitting Twitter so that I can refocus again on my blog and not leave you all waiting around for nothing. I have also decided to get better at menu planning and helping Huz cook, which probably means I’ll neglect my other blog less too. (But I’m not promising on that one.)

So, Christmas. How was yours? I have mixed feelings about mine. Suffice to say there was family drama when I wanted none. [Content deleted due to feeling badly for hurting family members.] Also, Claire was not sleeping well the entire time and we’re still trying to get her back on schedule without sobbing for us to stay sitting in her room as she falls asleep – some habits die hard.

The best part of the vacation was actually our vacation from our vacation. Huz and I went off by ourselves (sans kid – thank you, mother!) for 2 nights and 3 days to Vail, Colorado to celebrate our 15th anniversary. During that time we forgot that we live on one income and one student loan and just had fun. I’m trying not to regret it now, after balancing the checking account, but, really, it was worth it.

Getting an ear infection a few days before our Vail vacation, Huz was advised not to go skiing, so I convinced him to have a spa day with me instead. He actually agreed! We enjoyed our first ever couple’s massage, ate lunch together in bathrobes and slippers in the ‘sanctuary’ room (complete with lounging chairs, soothing music and a huge stone fireplace in the center of the room), then we went for a soak in the jacuzzi and steam room before ending our 4 hours of spa bliss in the mountains. Beats skiing any day if you ask me!

We also enjoyed two very nice meals at fancy restaurants: Kelly Liken and Larkspur. I wore my new holiday dress (in indigo, over one shoulder) to the first place and had Huz practically worshiping me the entire night, which felt great, even though I was freezing. We enjoyed our bed and breakfast very much – from the architecture in our room (exposed beams, stone fireplace and stone jacuzzi) to the cool hostesses who we really liked. We’ll definitely be back someday.

We’re glad to be home for some sense of normalcy, as traveling is always hard, especially with a small child. I will go back again next year, of course, but I hope to go with some more realistic expectations. I love my family, but we don’t always get along. Isn’t that just how it is? It all makes me wonder about having a second child. I really have been thinking about it lately, not only because people start to pressure you at this point (“when are you going to get me a grandson?!”) but mostly because I want Claire to have a companion. There’s no guarantee that if she has a sibling that they’ll even get along (i.e. me and mine), but maybe they’ll be best friends. And certainly they won’t ever be without family after Huz and I pass away. I just don’t know how to come to the decision with so many other variables (Huz getting a job, my ability to keep sanity with more than one, finances, housing, etc. etc.).

One thing I know: I’m grateful for my family, even if they drive me crazy, and I’m especially grateful for my family of friends and my immediate family. Huz and Claire? I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Happy New Year everyone!