Huz and I are relatively new Joss Whedon fans. We have faithfully watched Dollhouse* over the last year and are amazed by the philosophical and ethical themes that a sci-fi television show can have, if done right. Of course the world doesn’t seem to appreciate the intricacies of selfhood, desire, and the fine line of morality within the context of trafficking human bodies, so the show is being canceled. I hate FOX. If So You Think You Can Dance was on any other channel, I’d boycott. Anyway, since we’ve come to appreciate his work (Huz also watched Firefly which I didn’t like), we started watching (cringe, I know) Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It sounded so cheesy at first and I resisted watching it, but we’ve really come to enjoy it. It’s silly and sometimes dumb, but the characters are well developed and there is a lot to glean from them – from gender roles to teenage angst to accepting fate and making your own way in the world. The last episode we watched was rather dumb; it entailed the high school swim team taking steroids and turning into swamp creatures of some kind.

*Huz recently started writing guest posts about Dollhouse on a friend’s tv blog. Check it out.

I came home yesterday afternoon and experienced a similar infestation, just not swamp creatures. Some how our kitchen had been taken over by bugs – there were ants on the kitchen counter and on the window sill, there were two lady bugs repeatedly crashing their hard bodies into the kitchen light (click, click, click), and then there was a big black spider crawling on the kitchen ceiling. I handled the ants alright, joyfully smashing them with a paper towel, then I ran out to the garage and got some bug killer to spray on the outside of the window where it looked like they were coming in. The lady bugs were more annoying than scary, but the big black spider on the ceiling? By that time I had had enough with insects in my house and spiders kind of creep me out. I screamed like a girl (but I AM a girl!) but Huz wouldn’t save me because he was busy cooking dinner. So I stuck it out, got the vacuum cleaner out and sucked it into oblivion. I hope I can come home tonight to a swamp creature-free kitchen!

In other, more crafty, news, I decided to try my hand at knitting something other than a scarf this weekend. It had been at least a year since I had knit anything, so after a few quick YouTube tutorials (I seriously forgot how to cast on using just one needle), I was on my way. And I made this. In just two evenings. I’m so very proud of myself, especially because when I presented it to Claire this morning she immediately put it on. Yeah! I can knit something 3D! I see matching mittens in her future.