Thanksgiving was a blast. Seriously the best one I’ve ever had. We hosted 4 friends and 1 toddler which made our little house hum with chatter and little toddler squeals (both of delight and also in argument over lack of toddler sharing ability). We all ate dinner together at one table and one of the best parts of the evening came when I asked everyone to go around the table and give thanks. I started and gave thanks to each and every one of them since this very time last year I was being diagnosed and operated on for thyroid cancer. It was the scariest time of my life, yet I survived it thanks to the faithful love and support of my family and friends. Each person had a unique thing to be thankful for and there were tears of joy (and sorrow) in my eyes for each of my friends and husband. It was a beautiful little moment, despite the toddlers fighting at one point and one of my friends saying, “quiet, kids! can’t you see we’re trying to have some adult emotion over here?” Laughter was the obvious response.

After dinner we put the kiddos to bed (Claire in her room, of course, and Mya in a pak n’ play in our room). Claire went, surprisingly, right down without a peep and after only a few minutes of protest from Mya, the adults had the evening to themselves. And what mischief we did make with many glasses of bacon-infused bourbon drinks and wine. I drank way too much and was obnoxious, but I was in good, obnoxious company so it didn’t matter. In fact, the soberest of them all started body painting with whipped cream! I kid you not. I have pictures to prove it, but they might disown me if I post them.

The next day was filled with a hangover head ache for me. I still did a maternity photo shoot for neighbor friends in the afternoon, but I felt like hell. Or, at least I thought I did. The next morning I woke up REALLY feeling like hell. That is the day that The Virus attacked my body. From body aches, to head aches, to swollen, sore glands, to a sore throat, to an ear infection, to congestion and coughing….I have had it all these past 7 days. I’m FINALLY turning a corner (and just came back to work yesterday), but it lingers on. I hope and pray that this is the end of being sick this year because I do NOT need another ruined Christmas. I plan on celebrating my 15th anniversary with Huz next week and then the week after that we’re flying home to Colorado for Christmas. Please let me be healthy for it this time!!!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and that you stay healthy. I am grateful for health and when it’s gone I sure realize how much I take it for granted.