Greetings, strangers.

I don’t know why it takes me so long to come and post something for you. I suppose it’s because there’s not much going on right now and with Facebook and Twitter, I feel there’s nothing left to talk about.

Sorry to abandon you like that.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and after having two sick people on my hands (Claire Bear has a heinous head cold that has involved more snot than I care to discuss – and she shared it with Huz), we are hoping for a lovely holiday meal with friends. We’re hosting again this year and having 2 other couples over, for a total of 6 adults and 2 toddlers. Huz is making the turkey again this year, but he’s departing from his usual apple cider brined bird to a bacon-wrapped turkey. Doesn’t it look like a crustacean? I hope it’s as good as it sounds. The bacon theme will continue when one couple brings some bacon-infused bourbon (ala Nashville’s best new bar) for pre-dinner cocktails, along with some veggie dishes. I will be making mashed potatoes and a vegan pumpkin pie (so that Claire Bear can have it). And our other friends will bring dressing, mac and cheese, and wine. It is sounding like quite a feast to be had and I’m very much looking forward to it. So, go away head colds!

It was this time last year that I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer and my world was rocked. I am so very grateful to be past that and to, prayerfully, be free from the Big C. Life certainly goes on, doesn’t it? I have a lovely, active, intelligent 2 year old and a loving, dedicated, devoted husband of (almost) 15 years(!!). I am very thankful.

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday and that you are surrounded with friends, family, love, laughter, and good food.