What a lovely thing fall is. It is truly my favorite season, What with the crisp, refreshing air and the vibrant hues of orange (or, as Claire would say, “erng”) and yellow awakening my eyes.

Claire and I had a great day on Saturday when we went to a local fall festival with her best buddy Mya. She jumped in her first bouncy castle (but only because I was with her and the guy let her keep her shoes on – girlfriend pitches a fit if you ask her take her shoes off), she walked her first cake walk, and watched kids get their faces painted with great interest. We ate hot dogs together and she even wore an adorable Halloween shirt that her Mo Mo sent her for her birthday. That was our Halloween. I’m not a scrooge, but there was no trick or treating for us because she doesn’t eat candy yet, she has dairy allergies (no chocolate), she goes to bed early, and she doesn’t like to wear anything new (just getting the Halloween shirt on her was a mighty battle). We’ll do it next year.

My first photography show opens this weekend. I’m giddy and nervous at the same time, but also proud: proud that I made myself join a photography club (which was scary and took me forever to do), proud that I spent many hours editing and resizing the photos I selected, proud that when the prints came in the mail they looked huge and awesome (I had only seen them on screen, never on paper). This is a big step for me and I honestly don’t care if I sell a single print, but if I do sell just one I’ll feel validated that I can actually make art. That other people like. And that? That would be amazing.

I wish you all could come and be there with me. Thank you for your online cheer leading! It means a lot.