1. When Claire gets excited about something and says “Oh boy!” or “Woo HOO!”

2. When I have a really tense day at work, go to therapy and get all relaxed, get flirted with by the guy at the Starbucks drive-through, and then go home for a hug from my kid and my man.

3. This Tweet that Huz posted today:

“Claire is lying on her back in the crib, reading a book and making me feed her raisins. I don’t even know what to say.”

4. When I lay Claire down to bed and tell her I love her so much and she says “so much” back.

5. How Claire calls a seal pup in her book “seal puff.”

6. The fact that I faced my fears last night at hoop class and learned to hula hoop AROUND MY NECK. You know, the one that I had cut open 10 months ago? Yeah, that one. I conquered that bitch, yo.