…but I feel I’m neglecting Through My Lens by twittering all my random thoughts every day.

1. Did anybody else hear the NPR story yesterday about the White House farmer’s market? Not only are they accepting food stamps and WIC coupons, but they are worth twice as much at the market in order to make fresh, locally-grown produce available to all – rich and poor. This reminded me again why I love our current administration.

2. Does anyone else find Project Runway a tad boring this year? The people aren’t interesting, nor are their designs. This might be my last season as a spectator.

3. So you all know how much fun I’m having hooping, right? I don’t own a scale so I don’t know if I’ve lost weight, but I can say that I’ve lost an inch on my waist just by hooping! I also taught a girlfriend how to hoop on Saturday – IN MY 3 SIZES TOO SMALL JEANS. Talk about progress! They are feeling much better and I still feel hot in them. Perhaps they were worth the price tag after all. I am firmly committed to my new fitness goal of hooping through the entire So You Think You Can Dance hour twice a week, making 3 hours of hooping a week when you count my Monday night class. Bring on the skinny!

4. The Bear’s been sick again this weekend. After having a high fever for nearly a week and then being completely fine all last week, something’s awry again. We had a lovely Fall* family morning together at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and then visited a huge toy store (just window shopping) before going for lunch. We made it to the door of the restaurant before she puked all over the sidewalk. Talk about appetizing. We turned around and went straight home. It’s weird, though, because she’s acting normal except for occasional vomiting. WTF!? My theory is that a) it’s another virus that she got from the 2 days of daycare last week or, my preferred theory, b) her back molars are coming in which is causing a lot of saliva and post nasal congestion which is causing her to gag and then, well, ralph.**

*Should seasons be capitalized? I always want to capitalize them, but I don’t know if Fall takes on religious connotations by being that way!? Grammarians? Theologians?

**I feel sorry for any little kid named Ralph. I mean, come on!

5. I quit my book group. I had a hard time even accepting the invitation to this group last year because it is full of academic women (3 are PhD faculty at Vanderbilt University or Belmont University; 1 has an MA in poetry from NYU) so I felt inferior from the start. I may have an English degree but it doesn’t mean I’m versed in all things literary. Far from it. I can barely read one novel a month because I’m so busy and tired at the end of the day. Having to read something not of my own choosing (I haven’t liked most of their choices this past year, to be honest) and then discussing them with a group of well-bonded women (they have been in deep friendships with one another for 5 years) has been less than fun. And that’s what I wanted from a book group: a fun environment to read and share ideas and I wanted to make new friendships. That’s the biggest problem I had, really. Some of the women are downright stiff and I never felt fully comfortable being with them. I have bonded with a couple of them and plan to continue those friendships outside of book group, but as a whole it just wasn’t what I was expecting. I hope I can keep my head high and not blame myself for being “too stupid” or something lame like that. It just wasn’t a good fit for me and that’s that.

Those are my ramblings for the day. What’s going on with you?