I went on my first night shoot recently with a woman I met from the Nashville Photographer’s Meetup I joined. We met for dessert first and then went with our tripods and fancy cameras up to a pedestrian bridge downtown. We spent about an hour photographing and being talked to by every homeless person in Nashville. Seriously. It was a bit uncomfortable, but there were two of us and each was carrying a big metal tripod, so nobody really messed with us too much. Afterward, we went back down to the parking lot where I realized I had left my window open the entire time – with my purse in the car. In that moment I was so grateful I live in tiny Nashville and not a big, bad city like Chicago (even though I love Chicago) because a) my car was still there and b) so was my purse and all of it’s contents. PHEW!

Coincidentally, the Photo Friday theme today is Urban Landscape, so it gives me a chance to share some of my shots from that night (it also gives me a reason to delay showing you my hula hoop video!).

Hard Rock Cafe – the one good thing about it is identifying this sky line. That and the AT&T building.

Nashville at Night0174

Nashville at Night0177

Nashville at Night0186

Nashville at Night0189

Nashville at Night0151

Those swirly white things? Those are bats flying around lit up by the spotlights.

Nashville at Night0148

I love the composition of this shot (unedited) as I looked down from the bridge above. It looks like a toy train set.

Nashville at Night0152

Nashville at Night0155

Steel art.

Nashville at Night0160

Nashville at Night0182

Skater punks.

Nashville at Night0168


Nashville at Night0166

Nashville at Night0175

Nashville at Night0132

Nashville at Night0129

Nashville at Night0127

Old and ugly is beautiful to me.

Nashville at Night0192

Nashville at Night0191

Nashville at Night0143

Nashville at Night0124