So, hoop class. It’s super fun and I love moving again. I am so used to my routine of getting up early, going to work, going home, feeding, bathing and putting my child to bed, eating dinner, and flopping on the couch each night that exercising again feels really invigorating and energizing. Yes, it hurts, what with the hula hoop bruises and the sore hips from all the squatting and dipping, but I’m having a blast. It makes you move in sensual ways that you never would do in public unless you have to in order to keep a hoop of plastic rotating around your hips. It’s been fun to see my friends move in this way and it’s been fun to feel myself move in this way. It’s so feminine and freeing.

I aspire to be as good as this hooping teacher I found online. (FF through the first 40 seconds unless you like new agey-type images.)

Huz took a video of me hooping last night and while I am in NO WAY good yet, I wasn’t displeased by what I saw, especially since last week was my first time hooping and I could hardly keep the thing going.

Shall I show the video to the world, though? I didn’t have any makeup on at the time, I’m not exactly happy with my weight right now, I’m wearing “butch shorts” as Huz likes to call my sale-item cargo shorts, and I’m not very good. But I’m not bad either. Some of you have posted videos of yourself tap dancing, so I suppose this wouldn’t be all that out of the ordinary. Besides, I did show you my ass in tight jeans recently. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.