I’ve been asked how the jeans are coming. Honestly, I haven’t worn them since all day Saturday. Why? Um, they hurt. Also, it’s swung back up to the hot and humid South that I hate so tight jeans sounds nasty. Oh, and the unusual bruising is a deterrent. Seriously. My friend had a weird bruise after getting her jeans and then on Sunday, at the zoo with Huz and Claire, he asked me what was wrong with the back of my legs. I looked and behind my knees I had hickey-like spots. These jeans are dangerous to one’s health! WTF!?

So, no, I haven’t worn them since. But I will. I paid too much not to. Oh, and my friend has continued to wear hers and she says they’ve “really turned a corner” and are a lot better feeling. So, it’s possible. I’ll just have to wait until it feels more like Fall to bust them in.

On another note, I’ve started a funky 6 week aerobics class with 2 friends. Why is it funky? Because it’s hoolah hoop aerobics! Ha ha, you say? Yeah, I said ha ha too, until I did it. Dude. It’s some serious workout swinging your hips overtime for an hour, let me tell you! I was sweating! I had a side ache! And I’m bruised now (jean bruises, hoolah hoop bruises. I’m a mess.) But it was fun and I’m excited to work on my core muscles. Perhaps it will help in the jean situation.

What else? I’m researching like crazy – cuz that’s what I do. It’ll be our (drum roll please) FIFTEENTH wedding anniversary in December and while we’re home in Colorado for vacation, we’re going to leave Claire with my mom for 2 nights (TWO NIGHTS WITHOUT A KID!?!? AWESOME!!!!) and go celebrate. I would love to stay in Aspen or Vail but it is so freaking expensive, especially the week after Christmas which is the only time we can do it. I may have found a nice alternative in Keystone, though. I’m still researching…it’s my part-time job without pay! It would be funny if we stayed in Keystone and ate at the Keystone Ranch because that’s where we dined for our first prom together. Talk about full circle!

Okay. Enough with my exclamation points and conversational blogging.

I must close the lap top, stop obsessing over this vacation, and watch some television before bed.

Night, all!