Please read the previous post in order to understand why I’m posting pictures of my ass on the freaking internet.


So, I put the jeans on when I got home from work and I’m proud to say that I was able to button them and almost zip them all the way up unassisted. That’s progress, people. I’m wearing them now and have a hard time leaning forward to type. Breathe in, breathe out.

I had Huz snap some photos for you to see. These are very dark jeans, so it’s a bit hard to see, but here goes. (How embarrassing!)

This is my mad model look.


This is me showing the camera my ass and my kid hiding her face in shame.


This is me successfully zipping the damn things up.



And this? This is my sweetheart ass, y’all. This is the reason I bought these – they make me look curvy in all the right places.


Call me crazy for spending that much money on a pair of jeans (I think I’m crazy too), but you can’t argue with that ass! I’m just hoping I can breath normally while wearing them in a week and a half! (You so think I’m kidding, don’t you?)