I have to tell you about the crazy shopping experience I had yesterday. It was a sweaty, brutal experience. What? How is that fun you say? Let me tell you.

My friend told me about her custom jean shopping experience last week and how she walked out with a really tight pair of jeans that somehow mold to her body after a week and a half of wearing them. I researched the place, as I always do, and found that a couple recently opened a Nashville jean shop with their own label. They come from a family of denim designers and launched their own place with plans to stay local to Nashville and not mass-produce.

I was intrigued.

But could a pair of jeans – even if they mold to my body and become custom fit (they make the jeans in the shop and hem them for you and adjust the fly and give you the button you want, etc.) – really be worth the price tag of $175!? Especially if it’s not even my birthday or any special event? Am I worth that? I ran it by Huz before checking out the place because I didn’t feel right in spending that on myself. Not only did he not scoff or tell me I was crazy, he actually encouraged me to get them. Because I’m worth it and they could help me remember that. Isn’t he amazing!? Where did I find this guy?

So, off to Imogene + Willie I went with my friend who had been there the week before. The owner, Carrie, remembered her and shared how it took her 45 minutes to button the jeans when she tried them on (this was a normal experience and to be expected). Because, you see, in order to have their unprocessed, unwashed denim jeans mold to your body, you have to get them THREE sizes TOO SMALL. Hence the sweating and pain. Carried grabbed a 28 inch and a 29 inch for me to try on. I zipped up the 28 inch with ease, so I knew that wasn’t right. Next she gave me a 27 inch and said, “now the pain will begin.” Yes, I started to sweat as I tugged and tugged on the zipper – I instantly felt as I did when I was pregnant and couldn’t fit into my pants – staring down at the expanse of my belly and the huge V of open pants that should have been covering it all.

After 10 minutes of “wiggling” (in public with all the other clients – including a very skinny male model who, I might add, was sweating too) I was able to zip them. They were tight, but the thighs were already loose. Carrie said they’d take the legs in for me since I obviously have skinny legs. But then she convinced me that they would be too big and baggy in a week. And I went down to a 26 inch. Lord have mercy. I pulled, tugged, shimmied, wiggled, stretched, squatted, and finally got them buttoned after probably 30 minutes and the help of Carrie who pulled the jeans together while I zipped.


And then I had them hemmed and I bought them.


And then I brought them home to show Huz and I couldn’t zip them again – it took more pulling and squatting.

What a work out. But in the end I have a very unique pair of jeans that will last me forever, that make my ass look amazing (Carrie calls it the “sweetheart butt”), that will make me feel good about myself, and will always remind me of Nashville and this very insane shopping experience. It was like labor and all of us in the shop totally bonded. Thanks Carrie for the iced tea served in a silver cup during all that sweating! I needed it.

I can’t wait to see the transformation that these jeans will take after a week and a half of wearing them – if I can button them up, that is.