Or is my kid a genius, y’all? I mean, really. She’s not even two yet (she’ll be 22 months this Thursday) and she understands the concept of counting and, get this, SELFHOOD. WTF!? I don’t even get selfhood yet!

It’s not that she can count perfectly: she counts to 3 until 12 slips in, but she gets that 2 means more than one. She went on a run with Huz this morning and was counting the bicycles that passed by. See his twittered account of the conversation:

“Claire: si-kull? Me: Where’s the bicycle? C: Duh-no? Seeping! Me: The bicycle went nigh-night? C: Yeah! Also, she definitely gets the concept of two (as in, “Si-kull! TWO si-kull”). Is that normal for a 22mo? It seems kind of early to me.”

And then the self thing. She pointed at herself yesterday and said, “Care. Self.” and then pointed to me and said, “Mama. Self.”

She’s amazing!!!