It was my intention to write about the emotional response I had to a dance seen on a popular television show last week, but life has gotten in the way. And I guess that’s a good thing considering that the reason I had such a visceral response to the dance was because I recently had cancer. I am a cancer survivor. That is amazing to say because everyday life has just continued: there is work to be done, diapers to be changed, food to cook, a husband to hang out with, a child to play with, friends to see, photos to be taken. Life has certainly gone on and I sometimes forget that the scariest moments of my life only occurred about 7 months ago. [I need to add that this dance also acutely shows the need of other people when going through something as scary as a cancer diagnosis. As Melissa is carried and lifted throughout the dance by Ade, so I was carried through the scary times by my husband, my friends, my family and by the beautiful smiling face of Claire. Cancer is scary, even if it’s dubbed “the best kind to get” and you need support of loved ones to go through it. Thank you to all of you who rode through that time with me.]

This dance was choreographed by Tyce Diorio whose family member had recently gone through breast cancer and it perfectly sums up, without saying a word, the experience of cancer: fear, anger, loss, weakness, hope, strength. I was sobbing after watching it, as were all of the judges. Amazing.