What a great idea I had! Why not, on one of Claire’s daycare days, take an adult hookie day off from work!?

And so we did. Yesterday. And it was awesome.

It went like this:

We dropped the Bear off at school, very excited as always since Tuesdays are water play days for her.

Huz dropped me off for a manicure and pedicure while he went to a book store and scored himself both a book and CD.

We went to a great Nashville beer bar for lunch (which we haven’t visited since Claire was born). I enjoyed a new beer – Highland Gaelic Ale – with my sandwich and Huz had some french beer with his pizza.

Then we went to see Harry Potter – a matinee! No kid! Great fun.

Then we went to Whole Foods to casually stroll around and shop.

It was a terrific day and we plan on doing it a few times a year. I highly recommend it for all couples with young children and full-time jobs!