I’m writing to you from a dark office on day seven of a migraine. I think it’s a hormone-related headache because it started on the first day of my period last week and because I stopped taking the pill the same day. I decided to go off of it because I didn’t like how I was feeling (emotional, etc.), even though I took it for 11 years before having Claire with no problems. Perhaps it’s because it’s a different brand; perhaps because my body just isn’t the same after having my thyroid removed. I don’t know. I just hope the headaches stop and that the new birth control method gets to the Drs. office soon (it’s one that has to be ordered) and that it causes me no problems. What a pain it is being a woman! Why can’t men take a pill and deal with the repercussions!? NOT FAIR.

Anyway. I haven’t told you the TV story. We came back from our trip to Colorado to find several clocks blinking around the house and to a TV that was dead. Wouldn’t turn on and the little red light on the front didn’t shine anymore. We took it into a local Radio Shack to have it evaluated because, although a nice new HDTV would be awesome (no, we don’t have a nice new TV in our house – ours was a flat screen TUBE tv – can you believe it!? It was only 6 years old though!), it’s not an economically smart thing to do right now as we are living on my income alone. The repair guy called me back and said it was “uneconomical to repair and that it was hit hard by lightening.” Lovely.

So, having no choice – ‘cuz I ain’t gonna live with no entertainment, yo – we went to Best Buy to find a TV that would fit in our entertainment center. This left us with few options, so we bought a 26″ HDTV that, when placed in the center and viewed from across the room, looked absolutely T-I-N-Y. So, we took it back, took the top half of the entertainment center off, and bought a 37″ LG HDTV instead. It was only $100 more than the tiny 26″ and it looks awesome.

Last week we had more thunderstorms come through. Guess what? Our wireless router and desktop aren’t working – can’t get the internet on them. So we’re back to the phone checking on warranties and homeowner’s insurance for all of this. When it rains, it lightenings. When it lightenings, it hits our stuff (which were both on surge protectors, by the way!).

Some good news: I researched Comcast and, lo and behold, I discovered that if I switched to digital cable I could get a 12 month special (WITH HBO!!) for $25/mo LESS than what we’ve been paying for cable. Awesome. So, as of Saturday, we have HBO. And do you know something? I haven’t found a thing to watch yet! Of course it doesn’t help that our Tivo isn’t working since there is no wireless in our house for who knows how long. Oy. Guess I need to find out when So You Think You Can Dance is on and actually watch it live. What a concept – live TV!?

Here are the innards of our dead TV before we took it to Radio Shack. We’ll miss you Toshiba (but not that much).