Poor Huz has the privilege of starting the weaning process of Claire from her pacifier all alone today. She’s 20 months old next week and, while she only uses a pacifier during naps and bedtime, we think (and the Doctor thinks) it’s time to wean.

What I know so far are from his Twitter posts:

12:49p.m. – She went from quiet to ‘wait, something’s missing’ to ‘OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS’ to ‘WTF SO MAD’ in about ten minutes.

12:59p.m. – Now repeated wails of ‘d’no’ (trans. ‘I don’t know where X is’ – ed.) and ‘mommy!’ As if eliminating the middle man is going to help.

1:30p.m. – Woke up and cried for a bit after 30 mins or so, then quiet again.

1:20p.m. – All quiet. That was actually easier than I expected. We’ll see how long it lasts.