A good Memorial Day weekend was had.

On Saturday, as I’ve already said, we had a BBQ honoring Huz’s dissertation accomplishments thus far.

On Sunday, Claire (aka “The Toddler”) and I hung out at home while it rained outside.

And yesterday I completely changed the look of The Toddler’s room. I accomplished a ton of stuff, but have just a teensy bit more to do before I take pictures and write a thorough post. Stay tuned.

We leave at the end of the week to take the Christmas trip home to Colorado that we never got to take due to complications from my surgery. I’m very excited. Excited to go out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT with Huz because we’ll have ENTHUSIASTIC! FREE! babysitting. Neglected movie theaters? Here we come! We’ll also be touring New Belgium brewery which will be oh so beerific. And? Check out the welcome home dinner menu the night we fly in, courtesy of my Mom and Ed.

avocado soup
rum and pineapple marinated grilled shrimp
espresso granita with bourbon pound cake
plenty of beverages (e.g., mojitos, butterscotch truffle martinis, chocolate martinis, scotch, bourbon, beer, wine…..depending on how the plane trip went!)


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