We had a nice gathering of friends over last night in order to celebrate Huz being exactly half way through his dissertation (3 chapters down, 3 to go…around 150 pages written, 100 to go). It amazes me that somebody can be so focused and motivated to do a beast of work like that, especially considering the distractions in his life: new baby turned active, demanding toddler and wife recently battling thyroid cancer, to name a few. You’re a rock star, Huz! Here’s to you. (And I hope you enjoy that new Weber grill I bought for you yesterday as an early Father’s Day present. Hee, hee.)

I have been obsessed with redecorating Claire’s nursery (do you still call it a nursery after they are toddler and no longer get “nursed” in there?). This happens to me – I see a fabric or an awesome idea in a magazine and I get obsessed for weeks until I finally end up changing something (this applies to hair styles, clothing, and redecorating). I still love the green we painted her room, but I’m over the bold colors and animals. I think there is too much red and I want something more sophisticated. I can’t decide whether to keep it in a warm palette or to cool it down. Do I replace the red with a muted orange or brown? Or do I cool it down with green and gray and blue? We have a towel that we got as a baby shower gift and it’s my inspiration for a cool palette.


I’m also want to incorporate birds, since I love them and this will give me an excuse to decorate with them. I just bought this print for half price from an online shop some Twitter friends told me about. I adore it. It’s all in warm tones, though. Hopefully I can still make it work.

I also want to do something with a tree. You’ve seen all those cool tree wall decals, right? Well, I want to paint one on the wall and tie in the bird theme.

So many ideas!

One easy fix to all the red was to simply switch out curtains from our bedroom to Claire’s. I did it this morning and think this alone has made a nice change while I continue to obsess and ponder over what I want to do with her room.

Before curtain change – lots of red:

The nursery (that corner of junk will be a tall white dresser)

After curtain change – I took extra knob ends off the curtain rods and put them in the walls to tie back the curtains.


Before curtain change – the green curtains blend in too much with the tan walls. Boring.


After curtain change – I like how the red adds some warmth to the room and how the pillow ties in the color.