Everybody is always saying how smart you are because you have such a big vocabulary already at 19 months. I can’t help but beam with pride when I hear this from other people, because of course we think you’re brilliant and wonderful, but to hear it from others just verifies it all the more.

I want to remember the adorable things you say – want to always remember your sing-songy voice, the pitch you reach when you say “eye” or “nose”. I need to record it more on video. For now, here is but a small record of what you are saying these days. I love you so much, my little monkey.



thone = phone (which you always must play with)
sone = another way you say phone
e-e-E-E-Y-Y-E = eye (you sing this going from a low note to a high one)
n-n-o-O-S-E = nose (ditto on singing)
tinkey! = stinkey (as in when I’m changing your diaper)
belbow = elbow
tankyoumommy = thank you, mommy
tankyoumommydaddy = thank you, mommy, er, I mean daddy
bessyou = bless you
bee = any small object that has black on it (bees, ants, poppy seeds, etc.)
bee-bee? = TV with a question sound at the end (i.e., you ask to watch tv a lot, to which we either give in for 30 minutes max or we redirect your attention to something else)
bapple = apple (which you can eat WHOLE and I find it hilarious)
ah-oh, ah-oh, ah-oh = ah-oh repeated a million times for emphasis
Sasa = Sarah, your teacher from daycare
nigh, nigh = night, night
paciiiiie? = asking for your pacifier
bas = bath
elp! = help (as in demanding help for whatever you cannot do)
sit! = you demand that we sit next to you quite often, while patting the chair or floor next to you
mamafin = muffin (which you insist on eating WHOLE, not sliced)
nana = banana (unfortunately, your grandma wants to be called this so this will be confusing, I’m sure)
Uh huh! = your version of yes, while nodding your head vigorously (as in, do you want milk? Uh huh! Do you want a muffin? Uh huh! Mamafin!)