Mothers Day 2009

I’m learning to be grateful for the quiet, sweet moments and I hold my breath through the loud, screamy ones. Claire is experiencing the Mighty Will of Her Own, otherwise known as the Terrible Two’s at the age of one and a half. I had a good mothers day, but it was punctuated with three, count them, three temper tantrums. Huz caught one on video that I must post, but later. These tantrms are exhausting. My hope is that she’ll get through this period soon and her sweet self will re-emerge at the end.

We went out for breakfast and then to the park. As you can see, I decided to dress Claire up for the occassion.



I got this sweet little chair for a steal and Toys R Us the other day. It was the only one in the store and all the crappy plastic ones next to it were marked $7.99, so I got it for the same price (even though it’s metal and wicker).


Big girl reading.


Asking Mommy to read to her.


Here she is playing with Daddy last week.




During naptime on Mothers Day, I got inspired to redecorate Claire’s room and painted an owl.


More to come on that later…

Sweet Claire, I love you more than life itself. You make me smile and laugh so hard, you give new meaning to life, and you make me love your Daddy more than I ever have before. Even if you throw fits right now, I will try to remember that this is a difficult stage for you emotionally and that you aren’t being bad on purpose. You remain my sun, moon and stars. Love you, baby girl.


Huz made me some phenomenol Memphis-style dry rub ribs. Amazing. I joked with him about the gender reversal and how I guess I’ll be making him tea and crumpets for Fathers Day. 🙂



Huz, I love you and am so grateful for your partnership in this crazy thing called parenting. I honestly could not do it without you.