When Huz told me that he heard Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines might go bankrupt, at first I just shrugged (because what’s not going bankrupt these days), but now that I think about it I’m sad. We’ve been getting Bon Appetit magazine for 5 plus years now, as a yearly Christmas present from my mom’s husband, Ed. This is a great gift because not only are Huz and I food lovers (and cooks – well, mostly him nowadays), but so are Ed and my Mom. So it’s a shared link despite the miles between us and it makes me wonder each month if we’re eating the same thing for dinner.

BA can drive me crazy, like this month’s Letter from the Editor, Barbara Fairchild, who writes an entire page seemingly bragging about the good life as she knows it – traveling the world, going to Paris for a birthday weekend celebration, eating amazing food in her lushly gardened back yard. It made me jealous when reading it, but upon hearing that the magazine she’s edited for years might be going under, perhaps it was a letter of gratitude for all she has after working for a gourmet food magazine.

The What to Buy Now pages are also bothersome. They’re fun to look at, but list things that are so overpriced I can only laugh. Take these adorable egg cups from last month’s magazine, for example.

egg cups

Sure, they’re adorable with a bright, modern design and I, as an egg lover, would love to eat from them on occasion, but $70 for 4 of them!? I think not.

Or an esoteric pineapple corer tool that goes for $50? Not for me. Thanks for trying, BA.

The things I love about the magazine are their recipes, naturally. And while the time and energy I have for cooking nice meals have waned severely since having a child and then dealing with thyroid cancer and the subsequent hypothyroidism (which I’m still dealing with – just found out this week), I still like looking at the recipes and hoping I’ll make them later. The Fast East Fresh pages, however, are right up my alley these days. In fact, I’m making a meal out of two of those recipes tonight: Dijon-Cilantro Tuna Salad on Whole Grain Bread (which I’m turning into an open-faced melt with mozzerella) and Green Pea Soup with Tarragon. Most of the meals I’ve blogged about have come from this magazine or from the website that houses recipes from Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and others.

So, I guess this is just me hoping that they’ll stay afloat through this economic crisis because I really like them: I like how they help reduce the distance between me and my family, how they help us make some very good meals during times of celebration, and how they help me feel like I can still make a good meal even if I don’t have the time or energy like I used to.

Here’s to you, Bon Appetit.