So, I’m in a quandry with this whole Internet thing. I have no problem putting myself out there on this blog where I can somewhat control who finds it (those who know me that is). But Facebook? I’ve been “friends” with a couple of co-workers for a while now, but since you can see who people are friends with, even though you aren’t one, it has caused people I hardly know at work (including those I don’t necessarily want to know, including my assistant) to invite me to be their friend. I don’t want to just ignore said requests, but what I’ve done with now 2 of them isn’t a good solution either: I accepted them as friends and then discreetly removed them. I know that FB doesn’t notify them that I’ve done that, but if they ever try to look me up again I won’t appear on their list and they can no longer read my posts. If I hardly used FB like I used to, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I’ve started posting while having fun, and that usually means drunk dialing of some sort (like last night’s posts from a lesbian bar I happened to be at with a friend). Do I want co-workers, and my very Baptist (no offense) assistant, who I don’t know on a personal level reading my drunken posts? Not so much.

So, how do I go about this? Do I stop using FB? Do I start a no co-workers as friends policy? Do I just ignore all future requests and hope the 2 that I removed never notice/never ask?

This Internets thing is hard to navigate. What are the rules!?