It was hard when we first enrolled Claire in daycare. I mean, you don’t know how difficult it is handing over your precious little one to a stranger all day, but then you do and it becomes easier. Eventually, you look forward to it and so does your child – they need the interaction with other children and they need to learn to trust other adults and places.

I was very happy to see these pictures of Claire on the playground at the PDO (Parents Day Out) program she goes to on Mondays and Fridays. She is in love with this little boy, Liam, who has been in her 1 year old class all year. She’s got good taste – he’s a cutie with all that brown curly hair and blue eyes.

cliare and liam


As much as we have liked the daycare at my work that she goes to on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because of how close she is to us if anything happens to her and because of how structured it is with age-appropriate activities (finger painting, crafts, learning colors and animals), it’s just too expensive for us to continue. $50 a day is pricey for us, especially considering that she’s missed 3 weeks due to illness since January and because Huz looses his PhD funding next month (it only lasts 4 years and here we are…4 years!). We have to learn how to live on my income alone and that scares the bejeezus out of me. So, come the Fall, we’ll be taking her out of work daycare and putting her into a second PDO because that’s the only affordable option. Granted, it’s only 5 hours a day, but Huz needs any time he can get to finish writing his dissertation. Speaking of which, we’ll be having a Half Way Done party next month – I’ll be sure and share photos from the event. I don’t think I’ll be replicating the half birthday cake that looked like a deformed football, but I might think of something fun.

We saw the second PDO last week and were both very excited. It seems to be a great place that has the structure/crafts/age-appropriate learning that the full-time daycare does, but at an affordable price. She’ll be doing kindermusik once a week too, which will be fun.

I know it’s been boring around here and I apologize. Twitter and Facebook have distracted me. I’ll get better at blogging, promise.