I don’t think I knew just how many sicknesses I would get after having a child. Claire was sick all last week with fever and ear infection and then I get this random sore throat for 4 days, followed by a RAGING case of pink eye. Remember the last time I had pink eye? Yeah, well this case is like 10 times uglier, itchier and painful. I’m guessing I picked up the virus that Claire had, only it manifested itself in different ways for me. LOVELY.

My mom flew into town last night – she’s here for a work conference, but is offering us babysitting all weekend. So, I’m looking HORRIBLE but we’re going to go to Memphis (for the first time!) on Saturday night – SANS KID! Woo hoo! I’m looking forward to our first night away in a year and a half, even if I look like a freak. I’ll wear my sunglasses the entire time, hoping people will just think I had too much fun on Beale Street the night before.

Happy Friday everyone!