In an attempt to get Claire some more age-appropriate toys, namely ones where she can practice cause and effect, I recently bought one of these for $5 at a consignment sale. She immediately started playing with it and still does 2 weeks later. I gotta tell you, that’s much more gratifying that buying toys for a cat and having them just sniff it and walk away.


This is Huz and I last Friday night. We celebrated our belated 14 month anniversary because, as you may recall, I was looking hot back in December after having surgery. Huz is proud of me when I don’t hide my scar. He also likes it when I show some leg. Wee!


We went to our favorite Nashville restaurant and enjoyed a full bottle of wine (hiccup) and a lovely meal together. For the appetizer I had artisan pizza with lamb, feta and pesto; Huz had homemade sausage with apple and fennel slaw. For the main entree I had steak (medium rare) with wilted arugula, mushrooms, blue cheese and walnuts; Huz had grilled trout with a butter sauce and crispy polenta and sauteed vegetables. We shared a strawberry custard tarte and coffee for dessert. Yum to the max.

I’m still contemplating getting a tattoo. As you know, I’ve thought about it for years and now that I’ve (hopefully) survived cancer I feel the need for some sort of symbol of triumph to help me remember strength, health, vitality, life. I’m just hung up on what the symbol should be, what is meaningful to me, and what I won’t get sick of or hate years down the road. I need to meet with a local tattoo artist to help me come up with an original design.

That’s about it. Now somebody please say SOMETHING to me and make me smile. Thanks!