A beautiful new post at Mothers of Invention really made me pause, reevaluate, and smile.

If you’re a parent (and please read “mother” as “parent”), please read it.

As is common with me, I’m going through another identity crisis and asking myself the same questions: who am I? what’s important to me? how does God fit into all of this? who is God? what does my cancer mean? do I have to label myself as a cancer survivor/victim now? what am I good at? why am I always in the same, boring admin jobs if I feel I can do so much more? am I a photographer or just some girl who snaps a decent picture once in a while? what is meaningful to me? what is my purpose?

I hate these unstable, scary, questionable times in my life, yet if I didn’t have them, would my life be worth living? Probably not.