This is getting to be a long, long time and I miss my home. I miss Claire’s puffy soft cheek against my lips when I kiss her lovely face. I miss petting her soft hair. I miss her back-patting hugs. I miss her “ma-MA” calling. I miss the embrace of my husband. I miss the cuddles on the couch at night after Claire is down and our dinner is digesting in or stomachs. This is day 6 and it feels like week 6.

A recap.

Day 4:

My host saw the telltale signs of the dreaded Cabin Fever (the twitching and drooling at the view of The Outside through the windows) and decided that it was safe enough for us to leave the house to go out to an early dinner (she’s a Dr. so I’ll trust her on this). We went to a deserted Persian restaurant which was pretty good, but the highlight was definitely the ice cream (I hadn’t had any in 3 weeks) with saffron and pistachio nuts. I retired to my room afterward and watched the last of the four movies I rented, Smart People. It was pretty good, but by this time the romantic comedy plot is pretty rote.

Day 5:

Yesterday’s highlight was definitely having a lunch date with Huz. I met him at 1:00 thinking the lunch crowd would be gone, but it wasn’t so I sat myself in a chair right by the door so as to be as far away from other people as possible. I enjoyed fish tacos (first fish in a month) and guacamole very much. It was wonderful to get a hug from Huz and to see him in 3D. I see that he’s tired and weary after 6 days of single parenting and I look forward to going back home to help. Having said that, they are doing great and I wonder how much they actually need me because they are doing so well together.

Later in the afternoon I went out for a soy chai latte from Starbucks. It was a nice treat to myself and I’m toying with the idea of getting a much needed pedicure tomorrow – my last day of isolation. Lord knows I could use one – winter dryness is always an issue, not to mention the nail polish that is still clinging on since the last pedicure from a few months ago, which means there’s a good 1/2 inch of bare nail at the base. Hotness.