So, I’m day 4 now and really miss my family. I’m sitting in an empty house, except for a very barky, spoiled mini daschund always nearby. I’m getting to sleep in, yes, but I’d rather go back home. I video chat with Huz and Claire every night which helps tremendously but virtual kisses and hugs just aren’t the same as the real thing.

Yesterday I had salty salivary glands – it’s the iodine they took up that I’m tasting. My mouth has tasted like the ocean for two days. Not exactly pleasant but not awful. I’ve had a distant pain in one of my armpits and I’m freaked out that I now have armpit cancer but hopefully it’s a fluke and not at all related to the radiation actively killing thyroid cells in my body.

It’s still weird to think that I’m radioactive and have to be all cautious around people. I’m still flushing twice, washing my clothes and dishes separately, and trying to maintain 3 feet distance between my hosts. I’m actually going out in public tomorrow as I’m meeting Huz for lunch (before the lunch crowd gets there) and plan to take any plastic utensils I use home with me to wash and dispose of so that I don’t expose anyone to a “hot” fork. I’m looking forward to seeing him, though from a distance, and to Mexican food. Oh yeah! The pizza the other night was good, but boy is Papa John’s stingy with the peperoncini peppers! ONE pepper for a large pizza? I need ONE per slice, thankyouverymuch! Still, it was nice to get my cheese on again.

I continue to watch a movie each night as I retire early in my room. The second movie was No Reservations with Catherine Zeta-Jones. It was a cute love story very much in line with all the food-related reading I’ve been doing lately. Oh yeah, I finished Julie and Julia and am now reading Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. Sense a theme here? Last night I watched Lars and the Real Girl and it was quite good in a slow, quiet, slightly disturbing way. I genuinely liked it though.

Today I feel completely normal, other than a wave of ocean in my mouth every now and then, and am working from “home” helping course directors with three different courses at once. I’m busy but am also bored since I’m in an empty house – an OLD empty house. Note to self: when I turn 60 or 70 I will never own a yippy dog or a clock that chirps different bird songs every hour. Both are equally annoying.