Hello kids.

I have cancer-related treatments this week and am anxious, yet hopeful. This is the schedule:

Wednesday – 10:00a.m. get a shot of thyrogen (in my butt)

Thursday – 10:00a.m. get a shot of thyrogen (in my butt – other cheek, hopefully!)

(Some patients get tired, headaches, aches and pains, and nauseated from these shots. I hope I don’t follow suit!)

Friday – 10:00a.m. get radioactive iodine pill. Wait in hospital for an hour to see if I vomit radioactive substances up (good times). Drive to a colleague’s house where I will be on isolation from my family and friends for at least 7 days (I’ll find out exactly what the half life of the radiation will be on the day I take it when they wave a Geiger counter wand over me like I’m some alien from another planet).

I hope to borrow a Mac laptop from a colleague during this time so that Huz can use it and I can use mine to Skype teleconference all week. That way I can still see Huz and Claire and talk to them “in person” rather than just on the phone which Claire doesn’t get yet. I will miss them so much, but know it’s for the best. I’d never want to come home early and ablate their thyroids accidentally. I’ll be blogging through this period and will let you all know how I’m doing. I hope I won’t get sick like some patients do and I hope, hope, hope that the radiation kills the cancer but the rest of me stays healthy and safe! Since I’ll have so much quiet time on my hands during isolation I think I might look into creating a second website that chronicles the cancer. We’ll see. Other than that, I’ll be reading books and watching lots of DVDs. Any other ideas? I won’t be able to go out and eat all the things I can’t have on this diet (CHEESE! ICE CREAM! TACOS!) since I’ll be radioactive and harmful to others, but you can bet I’ll be ordering in! Oh yeah! Domino’s? What’s your biggest pizza? I’ll take that. All to myself. Thankyouverymuch.

Friday, March 6th 10:00a.m. I have a whole body scan which will show what took up the radiation and what, therefore, is remaining thyroid tissue and quite possibly cancer. Please pray with me that the scan will be clean and that there will be no metastasized cancer. Please pray with me that this will be the end of cancer for Victoria Winters and the Winters family. Thank you.