So today is my birthday. Huz made me banana pancakes with some salt-free margarine he found at Kroger. It was good – sure beats cold cereal with watery almond “milk”, but I gotta admit that I really wanted some bacon to go with it. Come on March 2nd!

How am I celebrating my birthday? I’m at home with Claire who is sick. It started on Monday with vomiting, then that resolved and she’s been lethargic with a low-grade fever ever since. Huz took her to the Dr. yesterday and she was diagnosed with an ear infection. This is the first time she’s been on antibiotics; I’m glad that she went 15 months before needing them. It sucks having a child who seems to be sick every month, but I know it’s par for the course when you introduce a child to daycare. The good news is that this will really build up her immune system and by next year or the year after she’ll probably not get sick very often again.

I’m waiting until Huz gets home from TAing and then I’ll go to work at around noon. My dear friend is coming over to babysit tonight after Huz and I put Claire to bed and eat a LID compliant dinner at home. We’re going to a photography show that a woman in my new book club is a part of and then to the movies. Now, if only I could decide which one to see: Coraline, The Reader, The Wrestler? Of course I’m trying to find one that’s not too late (10:00!?) since I have to work tomorrow.

There. Now you see that I am, indeed, old. I’m worried about staying up to midnight on a weeknight.

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