Yesterday was the first day of my low iodine diet (LID). It wasn’t bad thanks to Huz who made me some diet-compliant bread (orange cinnamon bread = yummy) even though I couldn’t put any butter (dairy) or margarine (salt) on it. Honey or jam work just fine though. I can’t have any milk (because it’s dairy) or soy milk (because it’s soy) or rice milk (because it has sea salt in it) so I made my own almond milk yesterday. Note to self: STRAIN the almond milk. Chewing after taking a sip of coffee isn’t very pleasant.

I went to my new book club last night (we read Ellen Foster and next month’s is Julie and Julia – yippee!) and it was rough watching all the ladies eat Girl Scout cookies, cake, and spinach dip but at least I could drink the wine I brought and drown my sorrows. I exaggerate; it wasn’t that bad. Next Tuesday will be difficult, though, because a few friends and I are going to the Vagina Monologues after work and have to have dinner first. Do you think I could find a steak place that would serve me 5 oz. of meat with NO seasoning whatsover? I hope so, otherwise I’ll have to pack my own homemade bread and and apple for dinner. Ho hum.