My 33rd is coming up on the 19th and even though it wasn’t in the budget this month (have I told you about all of my medical bills? It’s HORRIBLE. I switched insurance after having Claire so that it’d be a cheaper monthly payment, not expecting to get cancer, and I have to pay 20% of everything and have a huge deductible of $3,000 just for me yearly. I definitely have to pay that for the surgery and, unfortunately, it’s now a new year and I’ll have to pay another 3k for the radiation which the Dr. said is “very expensive.” Also? Huz’s funding for his PhD ends in May. I’m FREAKING out.), I decided to get my hair cut. It was much needed, especially since I cut my own bangs a few weeks ago and have been walking around looking like a butchered freak.

Anyway. I like my new, lighter look. Ahhh.

Photo 11