The great Schmutzie invited me to participate in the site she created called Grace in Small Things where people post 5 positive things a day in order to battle negativity and embitterment. As I’ve been through some pretty shitty times lately (thyroid cancer, surgery, and dealing with wrong medication dosages and depression), this is probably a really good exercise for me to engage in. I hardly have time to post here every day, so I’ll attempt to do it once a week.

So, here we go.

1. Wearing the green and blue striped long-sleeved t-shirt my friend gave me makes me very happy.

2. I’m looking forward to a Mexican dinner out with friends tomorrow night. Cheap, tasty Mexican food anyone? Margaritas anyone? Me, me, me!

3. I like the feeling that I’m contributing to the household again by participating in menu-planning and meal-making. Just call me Betty Freaking Crocker, y’all.

4. I met my new dentist this morning (who, yes, filled 2 tiny little pits in my molars) and he was very friendly and told me I have beautiful teeth. Nobody’s every told me that before!

5. I loved laughing and giggling with Claire yesterday as we made farting noises with our mouths and I shouted, “Oh! Excuse me!” Hysterical. See for yourself.