1. I did 3 loads of laundry.
2. I watched Claire all day by myself and didn’t want to die.
3. I menu-planned for the whole week.
4. I went grocery shopping.

Granted, I collapsed at the end of the day and slept 11 hours (!) because I caught Claire’s most recent cold, but still. That’s a lot to accomplish for me lately.


1. I went to the zoo with my family and had fun watching Claire be completely absorbed by the meerkats, fish, and wild hog.
2. I made dinner for the first time in months (orange-soy-braised pork ribs with mashed potatoes and green beans).
3. I flirted with Huz (no, it didn’t go anywhere because, lo and behold, I received a visit from Auntie Flow who hasn’t visited me in 2 years this month!). TMI? You’re welcome.

I am grateful for a glimpse at my old life – one where I can handle being a mom to a toddler, one where I enjoy getting up in the morning and having the energy to go through the day with the ones I love.

I can handle life like this.