During all my hard work of going back through the years of posts in order to republish the missing photos (I’m done with ’05 now and only have ’06 to fix!), I realized that I used to have a lot more fun here. I mean, yes, it was ALL about the cats, but I also created Consumer’s Corner posts and participated in Photo Friday (like this post).

I don’t know about you but I kinda miss that stuff.

So, even though it’s Sunday, I’m going to start again with the fun, inspiring challenge of Photo Friday. This week’s theme is “White”. I took this over-exposed shot of Cambridge last week as I was messing around with my new macro lens. Even if it’s not the “perfect” shot,* I decided that there was beauty in it, despite its imperfect, over-exposed nature. There’s a lot of white, hence my entry for Photo Friday.

*Shutter Sisters recently had a post about out-of-focus or “soft” photos and how there’s nothing wrong with them. In fact, they’re usually better than perfectly crisp, in-focus shots because they express so much mood.