1 month later

I’m still not going out of the house without a scarf on, but I think my thyroidectomy wound is healing quite nicely.

My meds were upped by 25% two days ago and though I’m not supposed to feel the effects for a few weeks, one Dr. friend of mine (who is an endocrinologist, so she knows) said that since I’m so sensitive to this hormone I’ll start to feel better in a few days. Maybe its placebo, but I do think I’m starting to feel better – a bit more energy, a sense of humor…still waiting on that darn libido though.

Hey, I really want to thank the two new folks who commented on my last post. It’s awesome that someone would take the time to read everything I’ve shared over the last (!) 3 years and 10 months. (It reminded me that I still have a ton of messed up photo links so I took some time to start restoring those from the beginning – so far I’ve got all of ’07 and ’08 done, as well as March ’05 – Aug ’05. It takes forever but it’s worth it since so much of this blog is storytelling with pictures. Hang in there, I’ll eventually go through it all and fix it.) Thanks again for reading and commenting. It means a lot.