It’s really frustrating that I’m still so tired. Yesterday was the first day I’ve only taken one nap, granted it was a three hour nap, but it was only one and not two or three like I’ve been taking. So, today, I thought, we’ll get out of the house and actually DO something! Maybe I’ll go to Macy’s and use the gift certificate I have toward finding a new coat to go with my new scarf! Well, after taking a shower and trying to wash my hair while keeping my neck dry (do you know how hard that is?), drying my hair, putting on a little mascara and getting dressed, I was exhausted. So we went up the road to a deli for lunch and came back home where I promptly put my pjs back on and got into bed with this laptop. I hope that these are normal residual effects to surgery and that I don’t already have hypothyroidism from the pills I take every day. I don’t want to be lethargic and gain weight – that’s just not fair after all that I’ve already been through. Blah.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the awesome Thyroid Bon Voyage party I had last weekend with my girlfriends. There was much drinking, laughing, secret-sharing, and even some dancing. I had a blast and hope to do it again for fun and not to wish another organ goodbye.