I’ve decided to do a self photography project in response to cancer. It’s a way to express my emotions and feelings in response to it all and it’s a creative outlet for me during all the fear, anger, and feelings of helplessness and isolation. The first set I did in the last post was, I think, a mourning of what I perceive to be a loss of beauty. Getting an incision in such a prominent, obvious place is challenging my self image – I already have a huge scar on my face that I’ve dealt with my whole life. Surprisingly, though, nobody seems to notice it until I point it out. I got it when a Great Dane bit my forehead when I was only two years old. And now I’ll have another scar to add to it.

This second set is more about fear and anger. I also wanted to express how helpless and small I feel: subject to something else. That’s why I put the camera at a high angle above me and, funnily, it makes me look like I have no neck in several shots which only underscores the loss and powerlessness I feel.