This, my friends, is the face of cancer. I received the shocking and still unbelievable diagnosis of thyroid cancer yesterday.


While I’ve always been fearful of getting such a diagnosis (I’m a bit of a hypochondriac by nature and have always been terrified of cancer), I never thought I’d get it so soon in life. I mean, I’m only 32 years old. Thyroid cancer does not run in my family, nor do I have a history of radiation to the head (other than standard dental x-rays). I think I’m still processing the fact that this is happening to me and that the big “C” is real and inside of me.


I know that attitude and the mind-body connection is real and plays a big part in healing, so I refuse to be down about this. I’m sure waves of emotion will eventually come and that I’ll be angry, sad, scared, etc., but right now I’m coasting on denial. That and the fact that several physicians I’ve spoken to have told me repeatedly that this type of cancer (stage 1 thyroid) is the best kind to get and completely curable in people my age. I have to get my entire thyorid removed, take an iodine radiation pill, and will have to take hormones for the rest of my life. If that means getting rid of the rogue cells, I can handle it. Think of me and pray for me in the upcoming weeks as this reality settles in and plans for the surgery progress. Thank you kind friends, family, and internet strangers alike.