It is well known that Fall is my favorite season. I love the bold colors on the trees; I love the brisk wind that wakes me up and forces me to breathe deeply; I love bringing out the tights and long-sleeved shirts from storage (and donning the boots that Huz thinks are so very sexy paired with a skirt). And now I have a whole new reason to love Fall. Claire was born during this season and I can rejoice in the fact that we are a family now. Here are some belated photos – we never celebrated Halloween because we were in Chicago (the trip that sucked ass because I was stuck far away from the fun city I love while dealing with a cranky, diarrhea-prone toddler, among other things). I did, however, put her costume on her a week beforehand. There’s always next year when she can actually walk and eat the candy herself.

Here’s a few from the pumpkin patch down the street. There are some AWESOME ones of her and Huz and of her and me, but for some reason I’m having trouble converting them from RAW files to JPEG files and Flickr won’t take them. WTF!? Anyone have any advice!?

pumpkins 08-18

pumpkins 08-43

pumpkins 08-02

pumpkins 08-31

These are terrible pictures, but they’re the only ones I have of her in her duck costume.

pumpkins 08-55pumpkins 08-53

Me: Claire, what’s a duck say?

Claire: Moo.