We survived. Or at least Huz and I did – I haven’t followed up with our 4 friends who participated with us last night.

The table was set.


Notice the Pepto, Tums, and Gas X ready and waiting.


Here’s the greasy, hot as hell fried chicken.


Apparently, Huz’s Extra Hot was placed in front of the wrong person last night because within moments of eating some Tyler turned bright red, started crying, and had snot running down his face and said “this is really hot”. Huz was all, “oh good because this wasn’t very spicy and I was disappointed.” They traded and Tyler enjoyed his meal, as did Huz. Unbelievably he had no external reaction to the hellfire and brimstone that must have been occurring in his mouth and stomach. It was a tad disappointing, to be honest. He did have some Pepto this morning though, so despite all appearances he really isn’t made of steel. I enjoyed my mild which was hot enough for me thankyouverymuch, but was stupid and decided to try a quarter sized piece of the Extra Hot skin off of Huz’s plate. Within minutes I was in the most pain I’ve been in (other than child birth, natch) and was grabbing anything and everything to put into my mouth to put out the flames. Nothing worked – not milk, not a very ripe pear sitting on the counter, not water, not beer, not soy ice cream, nothing. After about 5-10 minutes (I lost track of time due to the pain – I was concentrating too much on the tears rolling down my face and on my uncontrollable cussing) I recovered and was on an endorphin high. Only then did I realize why people do this – it’s kind of like a runner’s high after a race (or so I hear) or, something I know more about, like the feeling you have after a good roll in the hay. Ahem.

Here are some flattering pictures of me through the ordeal, thanks to my friend Natalie.


Nothing worked. Not milk.



All done!!




Not a pear.


Not ice cream.


Not a paper towel (which Thunder tried).



Oh man. It was a good time, although a painful one. Let’s do it again soon, guys! Next time I’ll stick to my hot but still edible mild!